Marketing Consultation for Southside Hospital | Northwell Health
Industry: Healthcare
Project Start: October 2020
As a graduate project, our team was tasked with providing consultation to Southside Hospital (recently rebranded South Shore University Hospital) of Northwell Health, New York State's largest healthcare provider and private employer. Located in Bay Shore, Long Island, New York - the client was interested in attracting more patients and new families to their newly allocated maternity hospital. 
My Role
Market Analysis and Presentation Designer, a team of business school students
Key Contributions
~ Conducted community surveys to identify sample market characteristics
~ Regression Analysis relating variables to the identified target patient 
~ Recommendations on market strategy
Top marks on analysis and presentation 
Featured in Hofstra Chronicle
"This was a very thorough presentation. Your data regarding the target patient will help our marketing efforts on the Island and throughout the hospital system..." - Anthony Aprile - Administrative Director, South Shore University Hospital, Northwell Health 
Introduction & Sample Market Characteristics
Measurement Factors and Identification of Target Market
Target Patient and Advertisements
Conclusions and Recommendations
Appendices and Data 
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