Dionne is an experienced marketing professional
& multidisciplinary graphic designer based in NYC.
An experienced marketing professional and multidisciplinary graphic designer who has successfully delivered on commercial projects with clean and effective design, across both domestic and international markets. Currently pursuing a professional career in the marketing and design project management fields. A proven leader equipped with analytical, communication and organizational skills, and a commitment to excellence and growth.  Thrives independently yet collaborates effectively with teams ranging from account management to tech and development. Always self-motivated and versatile with a strong work ethic, and can be counted on to deliver consistency in the brand/client experience across multiple platforms and touchpoints.
​​​​​​​Industry Experience
~  Healthcare & Technology
~  Financial Services
~  Consumer Goods
~  Travel & Hospitality
~  Aerospace Business Development
~  Public Service
~  Art & Culture
~  Tradeshow/Conference Management (Vendor)
~  Live/Virtual Event Coordination (Host)
~  Booth Architectural Design 
~  Venue Dressing
~  Brand Merchandise Procurement
~  Brand Strategy Execution
~  Promotional, Editorial & Publication Development
~  UI Wire-framing & Prototyping
~  Web Development 
~  Stakeholder Presentation Design
~ Photography, Videography, Video Editing

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