20x10' Booth Displays
Project start: May 2019

Stakeholders were looking to increase Digitech's brand awareness in the marketplace, specifically at trade shows. Digitech was operating with tri-banner stands and a backlit display to fit 10x10 spaces. Although the 10x10 space continues to be effective for smaller regional shows, Digitech needed to incorporate space for large audience demos and seating space for client meetings on the show floor. A 20x10 space, especially a front line or corner booth space allows for more entry points to maximize traffic and attract more in-person leads. Upon speaking with attendees at shows, many were unclear about what Digitech was. The displays had the logo and tagline, but there was no other information about the technology or the services. A 20x10 exhibit allowed us to work with a bigger canvas and incorporate more informative graphics than a 10x10 canvas would allow. The goal of the 20x10 display was to deliver a clear message to current and potential clients alike - Digitech is revolutionizing the EMS billing industry.
My Role
Project Manager
Key Contributions
~ Sourced booth hardware vendor and finalized procurement
~ Worked with vendor on booth design and graphic, from concept to final product
~ Curated furniture set and demonstration accessories 
~ Display is used at 4 national shows annually
~ Increased booth traffic and amplified company presence at shows
Phase 1 - Concept
An all-in-one meeting, demonstration, and greeting space. Created the sample render below using exhibit software and sent it to prospective hardware vendors. Space on the right side would be designated for greeting, interacting with attendees looking to participate in giveaways or receive print collateral. Space on the left side would be designated for current/potential client interaction - a seating area for relaxed meetings and demonstrations.
Phase 2 - Creating Booth Graphics
The 10x10 displays and smaller banners had nature themed images, and we decided to keep with the theme. Located and licensed stock images that metaphorically demonstrated Digitech's technology and the services. Once the hardware vendor was selected, we started the design process where the appropriate TIF, PNG, ICO, and PSD files were developed.
Phase 3 - Renderings
We chose to work with Featherlite Exhibits for the hardware. They have a great backlit display system that looks complex in design but is very easy to assemble and teardown - important factors to the team. Together, we designed a system that could be split into two 10x10 set-ups, creating a 3-in-1 display. 
Overhead Shot
Overhead Shot
Split into 10x10 sections
Split into 10x10 sections
Overhead - Split into 10x10 sections
Overhead - Split into 10x10 sections
Phase 4 - Final Display
Show floor set-up to furnished display. White, silver, and glass furniture to accent the blue graphics. Grey carpeting to complete the look. 

20X10 Booth at Fire Rescue International 2021

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