TripTix | Lotus Rebrand
Project start: December 2020

"Dionne... has recently completed a redesign of the UI for the billing system. Huge improvement. I’d like to get her ideas on possible improvements to the look of TripTix.  Would you [and the R1 Development Team] work together to get her what she needs to come up with some ideas?  Dionne – I suspect we should make it look like the upgraded Billing System UI – sort of part of the family?" - Mark Schiowitz, President and CEO
My Role
UI Designer
Key Issues
~ Consistency and uniformity in design lacking throughout, off-brand color palette and font, lack of white space, and cluttered workspace
~ Needed to be similar in design to the updated website, Dashboard, and the Patient Portal           

Key Contributions
~ Created original skins for multiple layouts within the TripTix|Lotus Application
~ Collaborated with both Digitech (Legacy Classic) and R1 (Digitech New) development and IT teams to better visualize data and medic processes  
~ Approved designs moved into Phase 2, prototypes being submitted by third-party app developers 



Login Page
Summary and Menus
Input windows and Loading screen
Final Product
Presented to board members.
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