Dashboard Redesign
Project start: March 2020
Digitech’s billing system is a set of proprietary billing tools, combined into one integrated platform - Ambulance Commander®. Ambulance Commander® automates many of the difficult tasks in the billing process. It’s the most advanced system for EMS billing that exists today, and it has hosted hundreds of clients over the past 35 years. As the company was gearing to undergo an acquisition, senior management was interested in modernizing the most used client-facing tool within the platform, Dashboard TM.
My Role
UI Designer
Key Issues
~ Font, Brand Colors, Button sizing and accessibility, Iconography
~ Needs to be similar in design to the updated website and Patient Portal           
~ Condensing lengthy menus into each other (figure out functionality by chiefs and administrators using a tablet instead of desktop)
Key Contributions
~ Conducted company focus groups with billing and account managers to highlight client complaints with the old interface
~ Created original skins for multiple layouts within Dashboard TM
~ Collaborated with development and IT teams through to the launch of the new look 
~ Amplified the easy-to-use, customizable reporting and analysis tool that gave users a real-time picture of their operations
~ Currently being used in sales demonstrations for potential clients 

~ Transitioning active clients over to the new design
~ Dashboard hosts the Symptom Map, a crucial tool to help EMS agencies nationwide visualize and track any diagnosis affecting their communities. This tool created by developer Garrett Anger, was especially helpful during peak COVID, and recently earned Digitech the 2021 EMS Innovation Award. Read more about award in press release linked here, and read the EMS World publication here
"This looks good and clean. Job well done." - Mark Schiowitz, President and CEO
Redesigned Platform
Old Platform
Header Ribbon 
Introduction of single-colored 2D icons, search bar, account drop-down menu.
Hot Buttons
Introduction of "hot buttons" - financial or operational highlights specific to the client. Can be customized according to agency. 
Charts and Data
Consistent labels, data markers, and graph elements for all chart types. 
Symptom Map
2021 EMS Innovation Awards Winner. View Announcement from HMP Global here

Judging and demonstration by Sales and Analytics Team on the show floor at EMS World Expo 2021

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