Evolution of the Digital Proposal
Project start: June 2020

Proposals make up 55-65% of Digitech's new and renewal business. These documents are the first impressions made before any other face-to-face phase in the sales cycle. Although the EMS Billing industry can at times be dull, that does not mean that the proposal also must be dull. A fresh, contemporary feel was incorporated into this new template using pops of color, more curvaceous font, and enhanced white space. A welcome change to a document that had been in circulation since the early 2000s. 

My Role
Template Designer
Key Contributions
~ New Header and Footer styles
~ Introduction of new san-serif fonts
~ Curated Icon Set for content sections
~ Updated cover page, matching appendix styles
Consistent branding in proposal submissions

**Due to the confidential nature of the contents in every proposal submitted, featured in this project are the transformed covers, appendix covers, iconography, and a few sections of content**
Proposal Covers
Cover update - our competitors had proposal covers that were similar to the old design, and the same style had been in circulation for a few years. There was a lack of the accent orange color, so it was introduced on the front page and other elements within the proposal.
Front cover update - the introduction of white space on the front page. Created to match supporting document designs. An in-house design solution to production issues: dark ink bleeding onto other proposal pages after printing solid blue pages for multiple appendix copies.
Icon Set
A cohesive set of icons to be used throughout the proposal document and other supporting materials. 
Outline and color fill styles. Organized in Canva as SVG icons to allow for easy editing by other team members.
Digitech's Proposal Courier - Bentley
When it's time to hand-deliver a proposal, my loyal dachshund joins me on the road. He really enjoys his job!
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