Kenema Jewelry Co. 
Industry: Luxury, Jewelry, Accessories 
Company created February 2022
To design a woman-owned, black-owned luxury jewelry e-boutique brand specializing in affordable, quality pieces. In honor of the lush, mineral-rich land where our founder's ancestry is rooted (Freetown/Kenema, Sierra Leone), Kenema Jewelry Company was born. For decades, uncut gems have been used to illegally fund government conflict in the West African region. After the most recent civil war, a lot has been done to address the issue of blood diamonds, but unfortunately we still have a very long way to go. The diamond trade is an $81 billion industry with 65% of all authentic mined diamonds coming from West Africa. Kenema Jewelry believes that fine jewelry can be sourced sustainably & ethically, rather than using jewels mined from such areas of conflict. We seek to disassociate the name Kenema with the conflict and pain it has come to represent but restore it with beauty, strength, and love. Whether you are looking for a stylish piece to treat yourself, a replicate ring set to travel safely with, an adjustable ring for pregnancy, a charming anniversary gemstone ring, or a jaw-dropping ring to promise/propose with, you can rest assured that Kenema Jewelry Co. will provide the best.  

Desired Outcomes
Successful launch of brand, brand recognition with the community,18-20% profit margin with the first 2.5 years, merger/acquisition or sponsorship opportunities within 5-8 years of consistent growth.
Official Logos & Visuals
Official Logo and Sublogos for Kenema Jewelry Co.
Brand Board
Representation of the brand. Selection of fonts, colors and elements.   
Shopify Storefront
Site pending launch.
Packaging Design
Jewelry cards, shopping bags, tissue paper and pendant box designs.  
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