Landing Page & Patient Portal
Project start: March 2020
Digitech’s billing system is a set of proprietary billing tools, combined into one integrated platform - Ambulance Commander®. Ambulance Commander® automates many of the difficult tasks in the billing process. Alongside changes to the Dashboard and TripTix, senior management was interested in creating a landing page to improve the user experience within Ambulance Commander®. The page would be designed to direct clients to the tools they had access to within the platform. The patient portal is the site where patients can log in and pay their ambulance bills online. Outdated in design and hard to navigate, I was asked to consult on a new layout that aligned with the rest of Digitech's branding.  
My Role
UI Designer / Design Consultant 
Key Issues
~ Font, brand colors, button sizing, and accessibility, iconography
~ Needs to be similar in design to the updated website and Dashboard            
~ Landing Page needs to have all accessible tools and easy navigation
Key Contributions
~ Conducted company focus groups with billing and account managers to highlight client needs for a clean and efficient landing page
~ Collaborated with development and IT teams to design the landing page and test user experience
~ Worked with VP of Billing Technology and Assistant Director of Marketing to test and review the Patient Portal throughout stages of development.
~ Landing Page has received positive reviews, clients are pleased with its ease-of-use
~ Client teams are transitioning new and active clients over to the new Portal site
Ongoing Tasks
~ Creating client logos for new patient portal sites. 
Landing Page
Design, brand alignment, and implementation.  
Patient Portal
New landing page and portal with a sleek design: easy to navigate, brand colors and fonts used. Third-party web design company used for implementation, in-house design consulting for branding.  
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