Marketing Consultation for Long Island Chamber of Music (LICM)
Industry: Music, Art & Culture, Education
Project Start: September 2020
For a university project, our team was tasked with providing a consultation a local organization from Long Island, New York. The client was interested in performing for more high-end professional events, broadening their impact in the community through music education, creating new business partnerships with other local organizations, and exposing their talents globally.
My Role
Project Team Lead and Presentation Designer, team of business school students
Key Contributions
~ Conducted market analysis and positioning for the LICM domestically and internationally
~ Created social media optimization plans for 3 platforms and provided supporting campaign material
~ Provided KPIs and other metrics for LICM to measure their ongoing success
Top marks on analysis and presentation 
Commissioned by LICM to create updated social media and LinkTree profiles
"We have absolutely no questions. Everything has been clear to understand and we deeply appreciate that. We are excited to start implementing what you have mentioned here today... its been wonderful working with you on this" - Eric Huckins, Executive and Artistic Director
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